Lack of Movement and “The Fuzz”

Where are all of my fellow all-day-long chair sitters?!

Stretching our bodies to maintain flexibility is so important to have in our daily routine but so many of us (me included!) don’t do it nearly enough. As we age, it’s “normal” in our society for us to get stiff and have shortened movements. But what if this isn’t actually normal and we can change that outcome to maintain flexibility for a longer part of our lifespan?

Think about what a huge population of our society sits all day for work or school? This can lead to tight hamstrings in the back of the thighs. That can make it more difficult to extend your legs and straighten them all the way, which can inhibit how we walk. Oh, but it gets better! When we need to use these muscles for a more strenuous activity, they are more likely to become damaged from suddenly being stretched. When we injure our muscles, it leads to compensations in other muscles and possible joint injuries.

Finding ways to move your body and stretch now seems a little more important, huh? (P.S. Massage helps this too!) The video below is super awesome at showing what exactly we look like on the inside when we don’t stretch and start to become stiff. Now who’s ready for some yoga or a massage?!


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