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The short version:

Hi, I’m Gretta, a licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in helping women, non-binary, and other LGBTQ folks soften their shoulders, unclench their jaws, and relax. I describe my massage style as relaxation with general tension relief. I’m passionate about creating spaces where folks feel it’s ok to unwind and take a break. If you’re looking for the most pressure possible, I won’t be the best massage therapist for you. BUT… if one to two hours of undisturbed quiet time, where you can forget about the mental to do list, sounds like a dream – I’d love to have you in!



The long version:

Hi! I’m Gretta and I love helping women, non-binary, and other LGBTQ folks take a break and relax. We live in a super busy world and there’s a lot of pressure to go go go. I’m here to remind you that it’s ok to rest. If you’ve been thinking, “I wish I could just get away somewhere quiet for a minute,” maybe it’s time for a massage. My massage style can best be described as relaxation with a little therapeutic work sprinkled in.

If you find yourself telling Massage Therapists, “I want you to channel superhuman strength kind of pressure!” then I’m not the massage therapist for you. However, if having your own personal sanctuary where you can feel nurtured and undisturbed sounds nice, I’d love to have you in. (I’d like to add one sentence that describes your sessions a little. Like, “I’ll use things like hot stones and aromatherapy to create a massage therapy session that will whisk you away to bliss.”


Get to know me in 10 quick, fun facts:

  • I love books about fantasy, fairies, witches, and magical lands!
  • Drink of choice: decaf iced lattes
  • I wish we could celebrate Halloween year-round.
  • You’ll find me at my best in Autumn.
  • Spicy food is my fave.
  • Electronic music soothes my soul (check out “What Goes Around Comes Around”  by Lost Frequencies if you’re curious).
  • I’m a Pisces, through and through, with ADHD sprinked in.
  • I always watch TV/movies with subtitles. 
  • I’m an introvert, and love being home with my dog and cat.
  • I loathe shoes (as much as the Grinch loathes Christmas, before he likes it).


You can also find me here too!

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