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I specialize in helping women, non-binary, and other LGBTQ folks soften their shoulders, unclench their jaws, and relax. I describe my massage style as relaxation with general tension relief, and am passionate about creating spaces where folks can feel safe to take a break, unwind, and relax into the table in peaceful bliss. 

Customized massage sessions combine a variety of techniques and healing styles. Create your perfect experience, and choose from the complimentary upgrades below. If you’re looking for the most pressure possible, I won’t be the best massage therapist for you. BUT… if an hour and a half of undisturbed quiet time, where you can forget about the mental to do list, sounds like a dream – I’d love to have you in!


All sessions include complimentary upgrades, a snack, and sparkling water. You deserve it!

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Please note, upgrades do not add additional time to your appointment

Warm Oil Scalp Massage

 Hot Towels on Feet

 Hot Towels on Back

Heated Rice Pack

Facial Massage


Weighted Blanket

Hypervolt Percussion


 Table Warmer




75-Minute Customized Session
90-Minute Customized Session
$160The most popular choice!


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