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New Clients

Hi there, new client! I look forward to meeting you. The form below will better help me understand a bit more about you, which helps me make sure that my skills match your goals and preferences. Please fill this out prior to calling or emailing me directly.

I am happy to have been blessed with a very busy practice. As a result, same week appointments are typically not available.

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REVITALIZE YOUR ROOTS MASK POLICY: Due to the nature of massage and working very closely together for long intervals, face coverings are required by all clients and the massage therapist for the full duration of the appointment, regardless of vaccination status. There is a built-in covering in the face cradle, and clients can take masks off when face down only. Appropriate face coverings do not include masks with holes or one-way valves.
See the offerings page for rates and service descriptions. Your appointment time includes an intake interview before we get started. Want more hands-on time? I don't blame you! If you're able to, I always recommend booking at least 90 minutes. 120-minute sessions not available for first-time clients.
Scale of 1 to 10. 1 being lightest pressure, 10 being very deep pressure.
If someone referred you, don't forget to give them credit!