Vital Wellness Membership

For most of us, we end up making our massages reactionary, instead of preventative, meaning we wait until we’re tired and “broken” and then schedule a massage hoping to be recharged and “fixed.”

Revitalize Your Roots’s Vital Wellness Membership is designed to optimize your health and help hold you accountable to your monthly self-care (though I hope your self-care rituals are more than once a month!)


Become a wellness member today and unlock exclusive benefits while improving your health! Commit and save!


How it works:

  • Enjoy one monthly prepaid massage therapy session
  • Schedule additional sessions per month at the low membership rate
  • Upgrade your session at the membership rate at any time (for an additional charge)
  • Secure, monthly auto-debit
  • 15% off specialty session enhancements
  • New client referral bonuses
  • Unused credits roll over from month-to-month
  • No long-term commitments! Cancel any time with a 30-day notice
  • No membership fees


Member Rates

Vital Tranquility
$90Includes one 60 minute massage per month
  • Save $5!
Vital Maintenance
$115Includes one 90 minute massage per month
  • Save $10!
Vital Dedication
$135Includes one 120 minute massage per month
  • Save $20!


To commit to your health and become a member today, call (615) 933-9612 or email