Revitalize Your Roots has moved! Here’s what you need to know:

Ready to schedule a massage in my new location? Click here for scheduling!


Where I’ve moved

RYR is now located at Riverside Village in Inglewood, inside Hannah Ellis Skincare

1404 McGavock Pike, Suite B, Nashville, TN 37216



How to schedule for the new location

If you were already on the schedule, you don’t have to do anything! If you don’t have an appointment scheduled, just click here for scheduling!



Where you park

Off-street parking is available! There is a parking lot located in front of our suite, and additional parking in the Riverside Village area. Your first time in, I’d allow a few extra minutes especially if you’re not familiar with the area. Parking areas are highlighted below. ***DO NOT PARK IN “PATIENT PARKING.” Those are stalls reserved for the doctor’s office.***



How you access the office

See your appointment confirmation email for additional information regarding office entry. This email will come from MassageBook, and is sent when the appointment is scheduled, and 49 hours prior to your appointment.



Any questions about the new location? 

Please reach out. I’m happy to discuss any questions or concerns.


Ready to schedule a massage? Click here for scheduling!