Lack of Movement and “The Fuzz”

Where are all of my fellow all-day-long chair sitters?!

Stretching our bodies to maintain flexibility is so important to have in our daily routine but so many of us (me included!) don’t do it nearly enough. As we age, it’s “normal” in our society for us to get stiff and have shortened movements. But what if this isn’t actually normal and we can change that outcome to maintain flexibility for a longer part of our lifespan?

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Interested in enrolling in a Nutritional Therapy Association program?

I have had numerous questions about my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner curriculum through Nutritional Therapy Association. Speaking about this school always lights me up and I get so excited as it gains more interest every day!

This list is an ongoing compilation of questions I have been frequently asked and information that I’d have felt was useful while I was looking in to the curriculum.

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